Steven Davis: None of us is without responsibility. Each of us has a choice.

1 Sep

Is it time to change your mind?

league of principled

steve davis

Steven Davis:  Founder League of Principled Citizens and League of Principled Men

September 1, 2018


In the times we are living it is clear the mind has become the true battleground.

What once was very easy and clear has become cloudy and at some instances stormy.

Our Nation has taken a very hard turn toward depending on emotion rather than our faith.
We have become a people of individual feelings piling one on top of the other until confusion has become the rule of the day.

We have been on this path for many years. Our schools have successfully taught our children how to study rather than think. Critical thinking is currently more based on emotion than common sense. Our leaders have used this as a tool by which to gain power and authority, to which they have no right.

When the people are not sure, when they are not standing on a firm foundation they are easy to manipulate. With leaders that have their own best interest in mind they use this as the leash by which to direct the path of their own success not that of the people.

As an individual, it is important that we understand that without a firm foundation based in God we are at the mercy of our own mind and its leanings toward that which pleases self. A mind that is easy to fall into a very dark place and never return.

The current addiction crisis in our Nation is the single most result of the confusion we live in.
Without a compass that leads to God we are left to seek pleasure and escape from reality. Our mind roams about like a lion seeking whom it may destroy. Most of the time that is ourselves.

The temporary pleasure of Drugs gives a quick escape from the darkness. The escape becomes more desirable than the ability to live in a functional world. Those that deal in the demise of others minds are the predators of our foundation. They are the functioning army of sin Destroying our cities and Nation.

Over the past 40 years our leaders have failed to recognize the true depth of the crisis. Some might even say they have participated and utilized it for their gain. No matter which it is we are here and we need answers.

We must change our mind. We must understand that the only devil we fight is the one between our ears. The carnal man is at enmity with God. The fallen mind of man is the true operational place of Satan. The only place that matters.

Every decision made is a decision that effects the next thing in our lives. Cross the street against the light, smoke the next cigarette, drive home after a glass or two of wine or quit your job at an emotional moment. Help the widow or the orphans. You choose do good or bad. Do right or wrong. With the knowledge of your true creation and where He dwells with you these decisions are full of light.

Darkness cannot dwell where light exists.

The most freeing thing you will ever have is control over your mind. Having faith that you and God are on the same page with every decision you make is a comfort that will keep you from the darkness that surrounds you every day. This is a personal decision because in the beginning and the end it is only you and God.

As a Nation, we must return to our foundation of faith. We must cut out the root of the poison tree that keeps us in emotional chaos.

Our freedom and our future depends on our ability to stand for our Freedom of faith as it is attacked wherever and whenever.

If we continue to allow Christianity to be beguiled and pushed to the back of the bus we will continue to be a nation outside the true will of God.

You see, we are individually and collectively responsible for changing our Mind.

Steven J. Davis
League of Principled Citizens
League of Principled Men


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